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IT Security Management

Information Technology Security Management aims to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization’s information, data and IT services. ITIL Security Management usually forms part of an organizational approach to security management which has a wider scope than the IT Service Provider. Our security solutions complement Information Technology operations, Network and Desktop Management, while helping enterprises gain real-time visibility, bolster internal controls, stay secure, ensure business continuity and enhance productivity.

With cyber-security threats growing at unprecedented rates, enterprises are looking for reliable solutions to secure, control and manage their IT ecosystems. There are numerous point-products in the market focusing on specific segments of IT security. However, what organizations require today is an effective IT security strategy to combat the evolving threats. The security solutions should appeal to IT operations and network teams as much as to security teams.

Our IT security solutions cover Security Information and Event Management, Active Directory Management and Audits, Privileged Password Management, Desktop and Mobile Devices Management, Vulnerability Management and Remediation, and Network Devices Security Management.