Regulate privileged access to remote enterprise systems via encrypted gateways from a unified console. Achieve total visibility into all kinds of privileged access with extensive session shadowing and auditing capabilities.

Features and benefits

  • Data centre remote access: Leverage simplified, direct connections to remote data centres, and automatically authenticate via jump box support for Windows and Linux platforms.
  • One-click remote sessions: Enable users to launch direct RDP, SSH, SQL, and VNC connections to remote hosts. Tunnel the connections via encrypted gateways for enhanced security. Launch direct connections.
  • RemoteApp support: Allow users and third parties to seamlessly access specific Windows-based remote applications from local desktops.
  • Bidirectional remote file transfer: Transfer files between a remote system and the local host, or between two remote systems; upload or download files on remote devices using secure protocols like SCP and SFTP.
  • Privileged session monitoring: Record all sessions, and archive them as video files for post-session review. Control remote connections with session shadowing and termination capabilities.
  • Access control workflow: Establish a request-release mechanism to scrutinize access requests before approval. Grant users and contractors’ access to remote systems only upon ticket status verification.