Integrate all your IT management tools with AlarmsOne to manage every IT alert from one window. Reduce alert noise, define escalations, and get notified about critical alerts through email, SMS, and phone call.

Features and benefits

  • Manage user privileges: Limit users’ actions based on their roles. Whether enabling or disabling access, assigning roles and applications, or selecting a chosen notification channel, maintain complete control over user activity.
  • Act on alerts: Open, acknowledge, close, and delete alerts as needed. Update the status of an alert to let other users know it’s been taken care of, or manually change an alert’s severity to update its priority level.
  • Create custom views and categorize alerts: Easily filter and classify alerts to reduce clutter on the alarms page. Generate a report for all the alerts in any view and drill down into the important data.
  • Curb alert noise and ward off alert fatigue: Define multiple criteria to filter out redundant alerts and get only the necessary notifications.
  • Automate alert escalation: Notify another technician when on-call staff fails to acknowledge or close an alert. Create escalation policies to decide who receives an alert first, the escalation timeout duration (how long the first recipient has to respond before the alert is sent to the next recipient), and whom to notify next.
  • Schedule maintenance tasks: Schedule downtime to stop receiving meaningless alerts when IT is under maintenance.