Get a unified view of all your IT applications in one console. Blend data from several IT applications or databases, and look into the impact of incidents on ticket volume, project delays on costs, and more.

Features and benefits

  • Connect and upload with ease: Import data from various sources including files, URL feeds, SQL databases, or cloud databases to transform data into insightful reports.
  • Obtain in-depth analysis of KPIs: Build insightful reports and dashboards that use powerful visualizations to identify patterns and anomalies. Drill down to specific metrics to pinpoint areas that need improvement.
  • Access powerful out-of-the-box integrations: Gain deeper insight into various aspects of IT management from help desk and customer support operations to network and application monitoring by integrating with our service management, support, and operations management products.
  • Share and collaborate: Share reports across an organization with intuitive export, embed, and publishing options.
  • Publish and embed reports: Publish reports so they’re accessible to other users. Embed reports and dashboards across websites, intranet, blogs, and applications to reach a wider audience.
  • Enable smart dashboards: Combine multiple reports into a single, live dashboard. Insert images, formatted text, widgets, and web components in a flexible layout.