Discover, Monitor, and track assets in your IT network from a single console. Achieve high software-license-compliance rates, maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) of vendor relationships, and make informed decisions about assets throughout their IT life cycle.

Key Features and benefits of AssetExplorer are: –

  • Discover all assets in a network: Periodically scan software, hardware, and other ownership information to keep up-to-date information on every asset. Track and manage any workstation or network devices including Windows, Linux, Mac, AIX, and Solaris machines as well as printers, routers, and switches.
  • Manage and track software licences: Manage all license types including OEM, concurrent, enterprise, free, named user, node locked, trial, volume, and individual licences.
  • Easily manage all software assets: Automatically discover all software available in each workstation. Easily ensure compliance by keeping an eye on the list of compliant, under-licensed, and over licensed software.
  • Effectively manage purchase orders and contracts: Identify areas that need spending reduced, policies enforced, and redundancies eliminated, enabling better management of a purchase order’s complete life cycle.
  • Track the asset life cycle: Handle the complete life cycle of an asset, from the moment of purchase to the time it’s no longer needed.
  • Automatically track hardware and software: Scan and audit all workstations connected over LAN, WAN, and VPN. View an asset’s complete ownership information, along with hardware and software inventory information, to get a clear picture of who owns what.