Audit file changes, analyze file storage and security, discover and classify sensitive data, monitor web traffic, and prevent data leaks.

Features and benefits

  • Complete insight into every change: Every change made or action performed on a file is reported along with details including who did it, when, and from which IP address.
  • In-depth file access analysis: With its ability to examine file access patterns, this tool easily exposes rogue accesses by malware or insiders.
  • Configurable, real-time change notifications: Configure the tool to get real-time alerts about changes you deem adverse, e.g., file permission changes or unauthorized access attempts.
  • Automatic follow-ups for alerts: You can configure the tool to automatically execute a command or custom script when an alert is triggered.
  • Ransomware detection: Threshold-based file access alerts and file access patterns expose ransomware and other malware before they could do serious damage.
  • Real, continuous file integrity monitoring: Learn about any untoward changes to the system state the moment those changes happen and before they could do any damage.
  • Storage analysis reports: Get insights about how the disk space is utilized.