Collect, manage, analyze, correlate, and search through log data from large client networks across multiple geographical regions, all from a single console.

Features and benefits

  • Customizable admin dashboards: Get a 360-degree view into what’s happening in each of your clients’ networks. Configure a dashboard for each customer and choose the metrics you want to monitor for a particular client’s environment.
  • Powerful event correlation: Detect attack attempts and trace potential security threats by correlating log data from devices across the network with predefined rules and a drag-and-drop custom correlation rule builder.
  • Augmented threat intelligence: Identify malicious IP addresses, URLs, or domain interactions with your clients’ network in real time by automatically correlating log data from devices in their network with scrutinized threat feeds.


  • Real-time alerting: Choose from over 500 alert profiles and generate real-time alerts through email or SMS when any suspicious events happen in your client’s networks.


  • Built-in incident management: Efficiently manage security incidents and speed up the resolution process by automatically assigning tickets to your security analysts using predefined rules.


  • Rebranding: Customize the default web client UI logo, the default support links, and other important elements to ones specific to your enterprise to match your brand attributes.