Get better visibility and secure your network from attacks by collecting, analyzing, correlating, and archiving log data from servers, firewalls, applications, and endpoints.

Features and benefits

  • Take advantage of universal log parsing and indexing: Collect, analyze, report on, and archive unencrypted, human-readable logs from practically any machine.
  • Secure log archival: Automatically archive all event logs and syslogs collected from Windows and UNIX devices, routers, switches, and other syslog devices.
  • 1000+ pre-built audit reports: Meet all your auditing needs with thousands of customizable, pre-built reports, which can be customized, scheduled, and distributed as you require.
  • Enable real-time alerts and follow-up actions: Configure real-time alerts via email or SMS for critical events or contingencies. Trigger follow-up actions, such as activating a program, when a specific event occurs.
  • Swiftly search through log data: Effortlessly search through terabytes of log data to locate a security event. Zero in on security events using powerful log searching capabilities, including everything from wildcard to advanced search.