Gain deep insights into enterprise file storage and security, optimize disk usage by managing junk files, and identify security vulnerabilities by assessing file permissions.

Features and benefits

  • ROT data management: Reclaim primary storage space by locating and purging ROT data from your IT ecosystem
  • Disk space analyser: Track disk usage patterns and consumption rates to notify admins when free space falls below a preconfigured limit.
  • Permission analyser: Analyze and report on users’ effective permissions across all files and folders to prevent privilege abuse.
  • Data risk scanner: Identify data most vulnerable to security threats, and remediate it as required to improve your organization’s security posture.
  • Identify overexposed files: Find folders and shares with excessive access rights such as those open to everyone or those that allow full control access.
  • Find orphaned data: Identify and manage files owned by inactive, disabled, or deleted users to minimize the risk of data theft