Get the most out of your network security infrastructure by managing and optimizing firewall rules, monitoring configuration changes

Features and benefits:

  • Ensure compliance requirements are met: Automate compliance audits with out-of-the-box reports and validate firewall security with security audit and device configuration analysis reports.
  • Track all firewall changes: Get instant notifications about changes, and view a complete trail of all changes made to firewall configurations.
  • Keep tabs on user activity: Automatically identify users that are streaming videos, using file-sharing services, going on social networks, etc. for greater visibility into high-risk users.
  • Monitor network traffic and bandwidth: Perform network behavioural analysis by monitoring for sudden spikes in bandwidth consumption, and get in-depth details about users.
  • Manage and maintain firewall policies: Analyze the usage and effectiveness of firewall rules and fine-tune them for optimal performance.
  • Perform network forensic audits: Search firewall logs and pinpoint the exact log entry indicating the cause of a security event in minutes.

Other salient aspects

  • IPFIX & NetFlow support
  • Security device log analysis
  • Security audit and file archive
  • Managed firewall service