Equip your SOC with deeper visibility into security events, accelerate threat detection and response, enhance your network security posture, and ensure compliance.

Features and benefits

  • Achieve integrated compliance management: Implement a solid security solution for auditing every critical enterprise resource to meet compliance regulations like PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and the GDPR. Generate compliance reports from predefined templates, schedule report generation, and export reports to PDF or CSV to give to auditors.
  • Keep networks safe and sound: Collect and analyze log data from all critical resources in real time to mitigate both internal and external threats. Utilize a reporting console, correlation engine, real-time event response system, and search engine to see even the smallest details about network security.
  • Leverage real-time Active Directory auditing: Use real-time alerts and out-of-the-box reports to flawlessly perform Active Directory auditing and change monitoring. Get detailed information on Active Directory objects, track suspicious user behaviour, monitor critical group and OU changes, and more.
  • Obtain complete network visibility: Audit and secure your on-premises machines such as Windows, Linux/Unix, SQL, IIS servers and cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, and Microsoft 365. Periodically review security events with pre-built reports and receive alerts for security events of interest.
  • Monitor files and folders in real time: Thoroughly audit activities on files and folders. Track every access, creation, deletion, modification, and permission change made to files and folders to ensure the security of confidential data.