Take full control over your network configurations. Leverage real-time change tracking and customizable compliance policies to avoid violations. Schedule automated backups, and conduct remote network operations with configlets.

Features and benefits

  • Manage configurations effortlessly: Back up device configurations, keep track of configuration history, compare versions, and upload changes, all from a centralized, online interface.
  • Monitor changes in real time: Monitor configuration changes, get instant notifications, and prevent unauthorized changes.
  • Ensure devices are compliant: Define standard practices and policies, and automatically check device configurations for compliance.
  • Leverage automation for device configuration tasks: Automate all repetitive, time-consuming configuration management tasks. Apply configuration changes in bulk.
  • Track user activity: Get a complete record of the who, what, and when of configuration changes. Record, archive, and playback actions.
  • Access multi-vendor support: Manage the configurations of network devices from multiple vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, and HP.