Defend against privileged access misuse with our solution’s powerful access governance and contextual integrations with various IT services. Centrally manage privileged access for your customers through a fully automated, policy-driven approach while achieving complete data segregation.

Features and benefits

  • Privileged account management: Securely store customers’ privileged passwords, SSH keys, and other digital identities in a central vault, and selectively share them between MSP administrators and their respective customers.
  • Secure remote access provisioning: Launch password-less, secure connections to remote IT assets without agents, browser plug-ins, or helper programs. Tunnel connections through encrypted gateways for ultimate protection.
  • Control access to client networks: Adopt a request-release policy and just-intime controls for privileged access, automatically revoke account permissions after a set period, and instantly reset passwords for tighter security.
  • SSL and TLS certificate management: Safeguard your SSL certificates and digital identities. Integrate with popular certificate authorities like Digicert, GoDaddy, and Let’s Encrypt out of the box.
  • Privileged session monitoring: Record privileged sessions and archive them as video files for future review. Shadow and monitor privileged sessions to promptly detect and terminate suspicious activities.
  • DevOps and cloud security: Uncover default, hard-coded credentials in DevOps automation files and CI/CD platforms, and store them in a central vault. Implement password security best practices.
  • Comprehensive auditing and reporting: Capture all privileged activities in clear, downloadable audit trails and reports. Demonstrate to customers, auditors, and forensic investigators that the required security controls are in place.
  • Integrate with advanced technologies: Adopt AI and ML-driven monitoring capabilities to continuously detect unusual and potentially harmful privileged activities, and automatically set off mitigating controls. Integrate with SIEM and scanning tools to discover vulnerabilities and promptly issue remediation measures.