Secure administrative access to critical IT systems. Establish strict governance over privileged access pathways. Prevent security risks using cutting-edge session management capabilities and advanced analytics.

Features and benefits

  • Enterprise credential vault: Scan and discover critical assets to automatically onboard privileged accounts into a secure vault that offers central management, AES-256 encryption, and role-based access permissions.
  • Secure remote access: Enable privileged users to launch direct, one-click connections to remote hosts without endpoint agents, browser plug-ins, or helper programs. Tunnel connections through encrypted, password-less gateways for ultimate protection.
  • SSL certificate management: Safeguard your online brand reputation with complete protection of your SSL certificates and digital identities.
  • Ticketing system integration: Bolster your access approval workflows for privileged accounts by incorporating ticket ID validation.
  • Application credential security: Protect your application-to-application communications with secure APIs that eliminate the need for credential hard-coding.
  • Privileged user behaviour analytics: Leverage AI and ML-driven anomaly detection capabilities to spot unusual privileged activity at a glance.
  • Just-in-time privilege elevation: Assign just-in-time controls for your domain accounts, and provision them with higher privileges only when required by your users.
  • Privileged session monitoring: Supervise privileged user activity with session shadowing capabilities and achieve dual control on privileged access.
  • Audit and compliance: Be prepared for compliance audits with built-in reports that provide essential guidelines to address common audit issues.
  • SSH key management: Discover SSH devices in your network and enumerate keys. Create and deploy new SSH key pairs to associated endpoints with a single click.