Secure your clients’ privileged accounts, control and monitor privileged access to client networks, and implement stringent security best practices.

Features and benefits

  • Secured client password storage: Securely manage the privileged passwords of customers’ IT assets from a single console, while completely segregating customers’ data.
  • Selective password sharing: Selectively share passwords between MSP administrators and their respective customers.
  • Launch direct connections: Launch direct connections to remote IT resources, websites, and applications, without the pain of manually entering login credentials.
  • Automatically reset passwords: Automatically reset resource passwords for servers, databases, network devices, and more.
  • Control access to client networks: Ensure that users only get access to the passwords they own or are shared with them.
  • Achieve concurrent controls: Entrust the control of the password vault to the MSP administrator, the end user, or both.
  • Visibility on password access: Get a complete picture of who has access to what passwords through intuitive reports.