Eliminate password fatigue with secure, centralized vaulting of privileged passwords. Prevent privilege abuse by enabling selective password sharing and granular access controls based on user roles and requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Centralized password vault: Store every password belonging to an enterprise’s privileged, shared, firecall, and other accounts in a secure, centralized repository.
  • Secured credential sharing: Securely share administrative passwords with team members as needed.
  • Role-specific access controls: Manage resources and passwords with fine-grained restrictions that are enforced based on predefined user roles.
  • Reset passwords: Reset remote resource passwords from the web interface, either automatically or as needed.
  • Record privileged sessions: Record, archive, and watch privileged session to facilitate forensic audits.
  • Launch remote connections: Launch highly secure and reliable remote sessions that completely emulate Windows RDP, SSH, and Telnet sessions from any browser, without a plug-in or agent software.

Other salient aspects

  • Automated password reset
  • Policy enforcement
  • Vaulting mechanism
  • Comprehensive audit trails
  • Secure data transmission