Configure automated patch deployment for Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints, with patching support for over 900 third-party updates across more than 500 third-party applications.

Features and benefits

  • Patch over 750 applications: Deploy patches to Windows, Mac, Linux platforms and third-party applications. Seamlessly patch desktops, laptops, servers, roaming devices, and virtual machines, all from a single interface.
  • Automate patch management: Reduce the time spent on patch management by automating everything from scanning and assessment to deployment and reporting. Test patches and approve deployment to production environments automatically.
  • Meet unique deployment needs: Configure deployment policies to install patches during non-business hours. Decline patches to specific groups and departments.
  • Identify and report on patch compliance: Gain greater visibility into patch compliance and patch status of endpoints with flexible, real-time audits and reporting. Utilize customizable query reports, dashboards, and views.