Perform incremental or full backups and choose from multiple modes of restoration for Active Directory, Azure AD, Office 365, and Exchange environments to protect your data against ransomware and ensure unprecedented resilience during disaster recovery.

Features and benefits

  • Three-in-one backup and restoration: Say hello to a single comprehensive solution that can back up and restore Active Directory environment, virtual machines and Windows servers
  • Simplified restoration process: Get a holistic view of the number of available Active Directory, VM and Windows server backups and instantly restore VMs or AD objects to any of their previous states.
  • Scheduled backups: Schedule backups at fixed intervals (hourly, daily, or weekly) to make sure there’s always a copy of a virtual machine or Active Directory environment’s most recent version.
  • Simplified AD recovery: Become an always-on enterprise by recovering deleted objects or undoing changes without stopping or restarting Active Directory domain controllers.
  • Granular level change management: Back up each change made to Active Directory objects as separate versions. When needed, compare attribute values across multiple versions and restore the most relevant version.
  • Incremental backups: Back up just the changes made since the last backup, dramatically reducing the amount of disk space needed for backups.