Transparently communicate outages and operational status. Display the status of critical components, allow users to subscribe to updates, and announce upcoming maintenance to manage downtime and build user trust.

Features and benefits

  • Public status pages for transparent communication: Establish a reliable, dedicated channel for publishing updates. This can help deflect support tickets, keep internal stakeholders informed, and turn downtime into an exercise in improving the customer experience.
  • Incident notifications for end-users: Quickly acknowledge incidents and notify your customers about them by posting the incident on your status page with details like current status, severity, and affected services. Keep customers in the loop with information regarding the progress of resolution.
  • Maintenance notification for end-users: Inform customers about upcoming maintenance events to help them prepare for any potential impact by creating a one-time or recurring maintenance schedule that automatically updates the status page and sends email notifications.
  • Email and SMS notifications for subscribers: Send out notifications to your customers via email or SMS, or enable them to access updates via RSS (really simple syndication). Give them the option to opt-in for notifications from the services they care about to avoid alert fatigue.
  • Domain, logo, and page customization: Showcase and preserve your branding throughout the entire incident life cycle. Upload your logo and favicon, and authorize Site24x7 StatusIQ to send notifications on behalf of your email domain to improve recognition with your customers.