Secure your network with built-in patching that delivers comprehensive visibility, assessment, and remediation of threats and vulnerabilities

Features and benefits

  • Vulnerability assessment: Assess and prioritize vulnerabilities based on exploitability, severity, age, affected system count, as well as the availability of a fix.
  • Patch management: Customize, orchestrate, and automate the entire patching process. Download, test, and deploy patches automatically to Windows, macOS, Linux, and over 250 third-party applications.
  • Security configuration management: Ensure network systems are secured with complex passwords, the principle of least privilege, and memory protection, as well as compliant with CIS and STIG security guidelines.
  • Web server hardening: Obtain details on the cause, impact, and remedies of web server security flaws. This information helps to establish and maintain servers that are secure and immune to all kinds of attack variants.
  • High-risk software audit: Identify remote desktop sharing programs, end-of-life applications, peer-to-peer software, and other software that’s deemed unsafe, and quickly uninstall them from endpoints.
  • Zero-day vulnerability mitigation: Deploy pre-built, tested scripts without waiting for a patch to secure the network from zero-day vulnerabilities.